Brain Doctor Water Gives Long-Term Health Benefits as Well as Immediate Impact!

With Brain Doctor Water, you’ll perform better and think with an edge; you’ll understand things better, get more done and make the most of your time. Even better? Daily drinkers of BDW may enjoy long-term health benefits. Every bottle contains 100% of your daily recommended dose of certain essential vitamins—like vitamins D, E, B & folate—that help maintain brain health. Our compounds are totally pure and naturally sourced too!

Brain Doctor Water is scientifically proven to aid in learning and memory. Using a custom blend of resveratrol, Huperzine-A, l-carnitine and B-vitamins, Brain Doctor Water is the first beverage of its kind that’s both an AcH-inhibitor and NMDA-antagonist. Huperzine-A is well known in Japan, China and Korea for its acetylcholine-enhancing properties (acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter needed for smooth cognitive functioning). It’s a product of East meets West!

It’s really a revolutionized drink! Better than Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, and even pure water.

Caffeine-free and low-sugar versions available!


1) Why should I choose Brain Doctor Water over other drinks?

For the past 80 to 100 years, soft drinks and energy drinks have dominated generations all over the world—but these beverages are made mainly with caffeine, sugar and artificial flavors. But THIS generation is prepared to live to 105 with a healthy alternative: Brain Doctor Water!

Brain Doctor Water is a better beverage for the public, who deserve a great-quality drink for now and for the future.

Brain Doctor Water is packed with nutrients which can:

(1) help protect your brain cells from neurodegenerative changes
(2) improve your mitochondrial functions (to boost energy levels)
(3) enhance focus and memory (with Huperzine-A, a naturally-sourced AcH-inhibitor and NMDA-antagonist)

Currently, neurologists in the US prescribe AcH-inhibitors and NMDA-antagonists to treat memory loss.

Huperzine-A has been approved by the Chinese FDA as an effective treatment for memory loss. Medical researchers from Japan, China and certain American institutions have all been amazed by its pharmacological effectiveness as a memory enhancer.

In the United States, Huperzine-A is a dietary supplement—not a drug.

Surprisingly (and coincidentally!) the Hollywood movie and hit TV show Limitless features Huperzine-A in a miracle “brain pill”.

2) Does Brain Doctor Water really work for memory and focus?

Many say yes!

As stated above, Brain Doctor Water contains the following memory-enhancing ingredients:

(1) Huperzine-A & L-Carnitine (both powerful memory enhancers)
(2) caffeine in moderation (for focus and memory)
(3) incredible neuroprotective ingredients like resveratrol
(4) folate (essential for healthy neural development)

3) Brain Doctor Water was formulated by an American board-certified neurologist.

Developed for the public by a leading American physician to replace unhealthy energy drinks! Brain Doctor Water provides focus and memory without all the excess caffeine, sugar, and artificial additives.

4) Brain Doctor Water donates 1% of our gross revenue to important neurological research.

Finally, here are some tips for maintaining brain health:

(1) consume neuroprotective memory enhancers daily
(2) get enough vitamins and drink caffeine in moderation
(3) drink red wine daily